Your Body Knows What to Do

The Energy Genesis™ or EG™ is a safe, non-invasive stress management technology that uses a specific combination of light and sound frequencies to create a resonance within its 360 degree interior. Once exposed to these frequencies, you will experience a profound state of relaxation that enables your body to gently heal and detoxify.

egThe EG was created by inventor Barry McNew in 2014 after piloting over a decade of successful work and research on his 1998 invention, the Life Vessel. Like the Life Vessel, the EG uses light, sound and vibration to promote self-healing. However, the design is quite different making it a more efficient and unique healing technology.

Clients using the EG report a spectrum of benefits, from improvement in symptoms related to toxin exposure, physical illness/injury and emotional trauma to a higher quality of life overall.

In a time when most medical solutions require complex, invasive and expensive interventions, the EG is elegant in its simplicity. Not only is EG treatment accessible and affordable, but it also takes the guesswork out of the healing process and turns the healing over to the wisdom of your body.


Experience the Energy Genesis

During a session, simply recline comfortably inside the chamber for 45 minutes while your body is exposed to a pleasant combination of light and sound frequencies and vibrations. Within minutes your body eases into a deep state of rest and begins to heal.

The recommended protocol for receiving the most benefit from the EG is a set of three sessions in three consecutive days.

Single sessions are also available.

The length of each session is approximately 1.5 hours: Includes a Pre- and post-EG consult + 45 minutes in the EG

 Please note: The large circular interior of the EG is able to accommodate two clients, when appropriate (this is based on a new protocol for families and couples).

Formal research on the EG began in 2015 at the National Institute of Holistic Medicine under the supervision of Dr.Norm Shealy

“One of the most remarkable findings so far is a 95% reduction in Parkinson’s tremors after just two sessions.”

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon, Psychologist and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association

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