I just realized as I sat down to write this post that I’ll be announcing a fee reduction for Energy Genesis sessions on April Fools’ day. Not the best timing! But after weeks of meetings with business and financial consultants, charting projections and doing informal polls with pretty much anyone within earshot we came up with a new fee structure that I’m hoping is more affordable for more people. I didn’t want to put off the announcement, so April Fools’ Day it is! And it’s no joke.

My primary motivation for lowering the fees is to make the Energy Genesis more accessible to more people. Over the last year I’ve been hearing way too many heart breaking stories about people in the community being diagnosed with very serious physical illnesses, mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic illnesses. And it just so happens that sitting in the room next to me is a badass vibrational medicine technology waiting to bring the next person’s body into a state of harmony and healing!

Watching and experiencing the various and sometimes surprising effects of EG sessions I wish I could offer sessions for free, but somehow I don’t think my landlord and investors would understand! But here’s hoping the new fees (effective 4/1/17) will make EG sessions more feasible for more folks.

Monthly Maintenance Membership

The Healthy Living Membership is $80/month with a year commitment (there is no membership fee). This entitles members to one session a month and for an additional $170, members can upgrade their monthly session to a three session series ($250/series).

EG Scholarships Coming Soon

In the not too distant future, my plan is to start building the Maynard Fund, a scholarship fund for people who are struggling with serious health issues but who do not have the means to afford sessions. Stay tuned!