Some years ago Wendy’s shamanic teachers Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall asked some of their female students to do a little shamanic fieldwork to discover what their friend, the Hawaiian elder/mentor Makua, meant when he used to say, “Women are going to be the ones to change the world.” This article is what Wendy discovered.

The Changing Role of Women

There once was a tiny seed that secretly lived in an old woman’s heart. For thousands of years the little seed slept, nestled in the darkness of the woman’s heart, until one day it felt a slight quiver deep inside its shell. The seed opened its eyes and whispered, “Spring is coming.” The old woman smiled.

As the winter of our collective consciousness winds down we seem to be in the process of discovering the truth about who we are as spiritual beings. This truth is like a seed of possibility that lives inside each one of us. In the absence of this truth, we’ve become a race reliant on logic, addicted to knowledge and theory, and drunk with power. After all, in darkness it’s only natural to grasp for whatever’s within reach to feel safe and to make sense of our experience.

The cycle that’s ending is about dominance over, and control of, the external world. It’s been about experiencing reality from the confines of a well-defined box. Although wrought with difficulties, this has been an important cycle in the collective evolution of our souls. For thousands of years we’ve struggled individually in the darkness, lifetime after lifetime, to rediscover our truth. It’s because of our tireless yearning that this transition is happening – somehow many of us have managed to remember and are waking up to the realization that the box is just an illusion.

During the emerging cycle our focus will shift inward where we will learn how to expand our consciousness and gain mastery of the subtle inner worlds. What was once concrete will become amorphous. The wisdom gleaned from our expansion will eventually enable us to experience deepened relationships with all living things. During this transition we’ll be moving from a period of logic and manipulation to one of intuition and creativity – a natural shift for many women.

For centuries the sages on our planet have been men. But soon you’ll notice a small number of awakened women in different parts of the world quietly getting the attention of many. They will be the new sages, or what Makua calls the ‘warriors of light.’ You’ll know them because their words will speak to you on a very deep, intuitive level – like rays of sunshine, their messages will surpass your conscious mind and find their way into your heart where they will illuminate and nourish the seed of truth that lives within you. Listening to or reading their words, or simply being in their presence, will evoke a sense of peace and contentment that will all at once feel “right.” These women will speak the truth, but it may hold no logic in the traditional sense. Their authenticity and messages will be a source of comfort, healing and direction as the world slips deeper into chaos and turmoil.

The ‘warriors of light’ will contribute greatly to the awakening of many by gently urging each one of us to go within where our truth and real power lies. And once this happens, nothing will ever be the same again.

© 2009 Wendy Halley