Shamanic Coaching. Get Unstuck.

An unconventional, engaging approach to coaching that blends contemporary and ancient perspectives to give you the tools you need to gain clarity and freedom in your Personal or WorkLife.

Wendy Halley’s coaching sessions fuse concepts and techniques from psychology, shamanism, and indigenous Hawaiian philosophy and are informed by her extensive experience as both a counselor specializing in workplace issues and a shamanic practitioner and teacher. Wendy has found that when someone is motivated, this powerful approach can help you address concerns pretty quickly,

Fee: $75 per 60 minute session 

(Coaching packages average between 4 and 6 sessions.)

The following add-on services are also available to amplify your coaching experience:


Phone: contact Wendy at 802.225.6413

Email: Use the contact form to the left.


PersonalLife Coaching.

A creative alternative to traditional talk therapy in addressing:

  • Relationship struggles
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Feelings of Powerlessness
  • Unhealthy patterns

WorkLife Coaching. 

If you’re a Business Owner, Supervisor, Manager, Employee or Aspiring Entrepreneur who’s tired of feeling stuck or unhappy in your WorkLife and are ready to move forward Wendy can help you design a experiential, solution-focused coaching package that gets down to business.

Additional Workplace Services Offered:

  • Facilitation Services: Discussions, Retreats and Meetings
  • Wellness Workshops: Choose from the following options or contact Wendy to customize a workshop to meet your organization’s needs

Three Steps to Self Mastery in Times of Stress

A 1.5-hour workshop devoted to examining attitudes/beliefs regarding stress and how these beliefs play out in our lives.  Participants will learn the three steps they can take to reduce their long-term patterns of stress as well as an ancient breathing technique that can offer instant relief. Participants of this workshop will walk away thinking about stress in an entirely different way.

Drumming Your Heartsong

A powerful teambuilding workshop using the most ancient form of communication . . . drumming. Recent studies reveal that group drumming in the workplace reduces stress by 20%, boosts your immune system, increases morale, decreases fatigue, increases productivity and reduces employee turnover. And all of this is done without talking. Participants will leave this workshop, even if they’ve never touched a drum before, knowing how to play two basic African hand drum rhythms . . . and in much better spirits.

Daydreaming with Intention

This workshop sends participants on an insightful journey of self discovery and healing. Participants will learn the basic visioning technique used by native people all over the world for tens of thousands of years. This powerful experience will give you a magical taste of what’s possible.