Shamanic  Healing


Spirit Medicine is an ancient practice used for the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. This practice has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers in shamanic healing sessions.



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Wendy strongly believes that healing and growth begin with self-awareness. Every symptom, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, exists for a reason. Wendy’s job to help you understand what your symptoms are trying to tell you about yourself and your healing journey.

For people who experience chronic mental, physical, or emotional pain, depression, or addictions, shamanic healing can be a means to reach the source of that pain in spirit and release that pattern of suffering from your life. It is a way to heal deep soul traumas and regain and recover from power loss.

Oftentimes, illness or constant discord develops when someone has experienced disharmony, fear, and/or soul loss. There is a path for restoring meaning and fully participating in your life while remaining connected to spirit in a daily way. Our spirit animals are always there; haven’t you felt the restless stirring and the innate knowledge that there is more to life than meets the naked eye?

Shamanic Healing sessions can be done in-person or long distance 

In a shamanic healing session, Wendy will enter an altered state of consciousness into the realm of non-ordinary reality in order to communicate with her spirit animals and help you discover your own. For more information on what to expect during an in-person or long distance healing session, click here.

The goal of shamanic healing is to bring all aspects of the self – body, mind and spirit – back into balance, to reconnect you with your personal power and invite courage and understanding into your life. To do this, the shamanic practitioner uses the following healing techniques:

Extraction  The removal of the seed of self-defeating, negative belief systems and/or emotional traumas.

Soul Retrieval  A highly specialized form of healing where the shaman journeys to the spirit world to find and recover soul parts lost as a result of trauma. The fragmented parts are then reunited with your core self making you whole again

Power Augmentation  Boosts your personal power by connecting you with your own personal animal and plant helping spirits.

You can also do an Energy Genesis session in conjunction with an in-person shamanic healing session. This approach to healing is a powerful combination since you’re healing at both the level of consciousness and energy.

Wendy has studied the universal techniques of core shamanism, but has focused her studies primarily on Hawaiian mysticism and healing methods. Her goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable healing environment that offers you the opportunity to safely explore and challenge yourself, while also giving you the strength and tools to conquer your personal struggles.  Please refer to the Shamanic Healing FAQ page for further details.