Shamanic Workshops

Spirit Medicine Workshop Series

For tens of thousands of years, shamans have used visioning techniques to access the spiritual realms for the purpose of healing and gathering information. Using a specific drumbeat as a catalyst, the ability to vision in this way is not only easy and safe, but quite accessible to those new to shamanic training: most people have success with their first attempt!

The Spirit Medicine Workshop Series is designed for anyone with an interest in shamanism, and is ideal for both the novice and those with a rich shamanic history and established journeying practice. Handcrafted by Wendy herself, these workshops will teach you how to transport to transpersonal realms, known as the dreamtime, and connect you with your own personal helping spirits. If you’re looking for encouragement or guidance in shamanic journeying, whether it’s life enrichment, connection with your personal power, or even becoming your own shaman, this workshop series

Workshops are typically offered in central Vermont in the spring and fall.

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This powerful workshop is designed to help you engage with the part of you that is not afraid; that part of you that serves as a source of strength and gives you confidence to approach your life in a direct and meaningful way. This workshop initiates you on to the path of the Warrior of the Heart.

All levels of experience welcome.


Growing Your Dream

Among coastal indigenous cultures the Whale is associated with creation. In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how to access the dreamtime realms like shamans have done for millennia. Over the course of the afternoon you’ll connect with the spirit of the whale and learn how to work with the energy of creation in order to manifest your heart’s desire. You’ll also learn the Hawaiian perspective on the nature of reality.

All Levels of Experience Welcome!


An Afternoon of Past Life Exploration

Curious about past lives? Join us for an engaging afternoon of shamanic exercises designed to help you access two previous lifetimes for the benefit of enriching your current life. In this workshop you’ll connect with a Spirit Helper who specializes in Time Travel as well as tap into the memory of the gifts that your previous incarnations have to offer.

All Levels of Experience Welcome!


Transforming Fear into Courage

This powerful, experiential workshop is designed to help you set the stage for overcoming and healing an obstacle in your life. Through a series of shamanic dream exercises you’ll connect with the spirit of the Dragonfly, who will guide and support you along the way.

All levels of experience welcome.


Shamanic Protection for Chaotic Times

If you’re finding it more and more difficult to manage the tumultuous nature of life on planet Earth, this workshop is for you!

While the Wolf Medicine workshop offered previously (description below) was helpful in creating a solid personal boundary, the increasing intensity of life requires bigger medicine. In this workshop, we’ll be working with the ancient wisdom of Elemental Nature Spirits to create a powerful personal boundary that will not only give you some distance and protection from the chaotic energies, but will also help you foster healthy boundaries in your personal life.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to access the Dreamtime Realm of Nature Spirits
  • Discover what Elemental Spirit or Spirits will align with you to create a personal boundary
  • Begin the process of developing a relationship with your new personal boundary


Bear medicine is all about going within and working with dream imagery and the unconscious mind. In this hands-on workshop the shamanic exercises are designed to help you develop a relationship with the spirit of the Bear in order to connect with a deep part of yourself with the goal of gaining insight into yourself and/or your life circumstances.

All levels of experience welcome.


In this workshop you’ll connect with the Spirit of the Buffalo/Bison in order to learn how to feel Abundant regardless of your circumstances. We’ll use a series of simple shamanic experiential exercises to identify the qualities of abundance and to connect with a practical tool to help you access the essence of abundance at any time.

All levels of experience welcome.


Unearthing Your Authentic Purpose

This workshop looks at the concept of purpose from both the indigenous and Western perspectives, giving participants an opportunity to unpack their connection to “purpose” and unearth the sacred in a world that thrives on just getting by.

334_shamanic_alchemy_2_SHAMANIC ALCHEMY

A Sacred Marriage of Dreams & Purpose

A powerful hands-on shamanic workshop with exercises designed to help you begin the process of aligning your human desires with the will of your higher self. The work will be done under the wise guidance of your Spirit Teacher.

293_barn_owl_ap_3_470x357-2OWL MEDICINE

Sometimes seen as a harbinger of bad tidings, the Owl has unfortunately gotten a bum rap. In actuality, the owl is a powerful spirit animal capable of seeing in the dark – a handy skill to have.

One of the biggest challenges humans face, as we strive to evolve, is deception . . . how we deceive each other and how we deceive ourselves.

In this unique experiential shamanic workshop, you’ll work with the Spirit of the Owl in order to begin the process of:

  • Learning how to differentiate between the energy of Deception and the energy of Truth
  • With the ultimate goal of illuminating and transforming self-deception

Please join Wendy for an afternoon of learning how to see in the dark! All levels of experience welcome.

338_stones-2STONE MEDICINE

Shamanic Exercises for Stress Management

Spend a relaxing afternoon traveling to the dreatime in order to learn how to better manage life’s challenges. In this hands-on workshop you’ll discover how to use shamanic journeying to help you:

  • Ground yourself
  • Understand your relationship with control
  • Create a personal place of relaxation in the dreamtime

All Levels of Experience Welcome