Testimonials | Shamanic Healing

“Working with Wendy has been so profound for me.  My whole being and way of being in the world have been altered, and I have been able to access deep inner healing and wisdom as a result.  I honestly feel as though I experienced a true gift and a miracle.  I can’t say enough about Wendy!!  She is an amazingly gifted healer – I have so much gratitude for the self-empowerment and deep healing I have experienced by working with her.  I HIGHLY recommend her services!”


Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

“I contacted Wendy many years ago after reading an article in a local paper about how she came to Shamanism. Wendy seemed like someone that was authentically herself. My impression was and still is bang on. I have had several healing sessions, a soul retrieval, taken most of Wendy’s Shamanic workshops and the Foundations of Shamanism training.

Ms. Halley works with Lightning medicine it is truly enlightening and powerfully healing stuff. Wendy and her Guides help clear that which is not serving an individual’s highest good. Wendy and her helpers guide the parts of self in returning to the one that seeks healing, the rest is up to us to honor.

Wendy has been there for me and my family in very trying times. Recently, I lost my husband to a tragic death.Wendy was there for his soul and my spirit. Wendy’s work on behalf of all my family has helped bring clarity and peace to a complicated situation.

I have met many that call themselves Shaman but few that don’t (Wendy doesn’t.) Wendy in my opinion is not only on the path she’s there  with the lights on, a tiny glass of special water assisting others to find their ways to self. I am thankful that Wendy has chosen this path.” 


Massage Therapist, Shelburne, Vermont

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Wendy Halley for the experience I had at this Springs Bear and wolf Medicine workshops!   The workshops book ended a very stressful time in my life so it seemed like a perfect idea to attend both (The two for deal was great too!).

I have always been a very spiritual person, but not the hokey goody two shoes pious spiritual. If that makes sense.  So as you can imagine my Catholic upbringings did not exactly fit my sense of spirit!  Love my upbringing and am so grateful that spirituality was a central part of my world. I have been wandering for some time seeking a “right fit.” I have read and chanted. Practiced-yoga and meditated. When I attended your Chaos discussion in May of 2011 I was introduced to shamanic journeying in a way I had never been before. This introduction came shortly after completing several books on lucid dreaming. Low and behold the universe strikes again in preparing me for what is to come.

Wendy you provide the perfect balance of humanness and spirit ! Your sense of humor and rogue intellectualism is refreshing! I left Bear medicine workshop feeling refreshed and relaxed. When I attended wolf medicine I found a validation and healing that is difficult to describe but suffice it to say felt like I was ‘home’!

Wendy thank you for your gift of spirit and sharing yourself with us!  You are too modest  to boast but you are an intuitive healer and  conduit of spirit.

I look forward to continued learning and spiritual growth.   Thank you”


Albany, New York

“I went through a spiritual emergency and I reached a state where I had no ego and therefore no boundaries. I was entirely vulnerable and in this state the vultures descended upon me, in the form of the medical establishment, with their diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and they nearly killed me. I took a workshop (Wolf Medicine) with Wendy on setting boundaries in the dream time. I had a vision during this workshop of coming out of an eggshell and forming a new boundary around myself that was a net, permeable to light and air, but protective, just as a mosquito net protects those in tropical countries from malaria. My sense of safety was brought back by reforming my safety net in Wendy’s workshop.”


Northfield, Vermont

“Wendy Halley’s Shamanic Journey work is such a gift for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of their relationship to self and the universe. The journey that she undertook on my behalf gave me insights into progress that I have made and options for challenges that I was currently facing. I am grateful for this beautiful gift she has to offer and the graceful and light-filled manner in which she shares it. ”


Dublin, California

“Working with Wendy helped me gain the confidence and momentum to move forward on changes in my life that it had been hard for me to do.  It was a strong confirmation of the direction I am to move in and so helped me do it!”


Randolph, Vermont

“I’d like to tell everyone about this well-written and organized work book that you have written for newbies and some of us who have needed help putting structure into journey work.  After having an eye-opening and freeing healing session with Wendy, I wanted to do more for myself.  Her workbook, THE MAGICAL PATH, comes with a drumming and waterflow CD so that I am able to journey at home.  If I get lazy for awhile, it helps me to get back in the groove.  Because of the workshops, monthly chaos, and personal work I’ve done with Wendy, I know more about who I am and how to get to where I want to be.  Or in some cases, just to be glad I am who I am! Thanks, Wendy!”


Barre, Vermont

“After years of struggle and constant work to find peace and acceptance with a traumatic event in my life, I needed to find a deeper level of transformation that I could not access on my own. Wendy uncovered past life experiences that had been hidden from me, and once revealed, began to free me so that I could move on with my life. I am so grateful for this healing that has literally freed me from the prison I had been living in.  Now I can see where I am and who I am at this moment, no longer tied to the past.  I can’t explain exactly how Wendy helped me, but I do know it worked, and I am deeply grateful to have received the gift of her healing.”


Montpelier, Vermont

“What about Wendy?!  Wendy lightly, deftly twinkled her huge oceanic surge of raw vision and power into my process, and infused it with outrageous dynamism. When I called, I had been having traumatic dreams that left me exhausted and raw with images and feelings I could not interpret or shake. As I was sparked by her vision, I felt like I was catapulted from my painful murky swamp to brilliant daylight – into a stream of hyper-vivid time-travel revelations.  Over a period of weeks, many forgotten fragments of memory and dream came together, and I recognized in the details – for the first time – that I had been drugged and raped 33 years before, at the age of 20 – and that this undischarged process had created my nightmares and a chronic pattern of collapse into strange fatigue and over sensitivity- and so many other things in my life that had never made sense to me. . .

Wendy found and retrieved the part of me that had dissociated during the experience and still held the pain and powerlessness – and guided me in reintegrating with the pain of her trauma ; coming to a place of reunion ; re-balancing ; wholeness & finally the process of rebirth and re-emergence.

I warmly recommend her work !  She is warm, solid, safe and very funny, an experienced psychotherapist and healer ; your journey will be in safe hands with her and her remarkable vision and power.”


Springfield, Vermont

In response to a healing Wendy performed during a Monmouth County New Jersey Drumming Circle:

“Wendy, . . . again did a healing ceremony and this time I was the one blessed to receive it. It was quite an experience. As I lay back on the floor the group’s drumming suddenly began and I could feel the marvelous vibrations and that rich full sound come rising up thru the floor and pull me right down into the earth . . . . I could actually feel myself sinking down, down into the earth as if into an open shallow grave, but it was not at all frightening in the least . . . Actually very soothing, and I could hear my own drum, being played by D., singing to me. (It does that often. It sounds like beautiful humming or chanting coming from the next room . . . ) As Wendy began shaking her rattles over me, I began to have visions of some of my power creatures and helpers. Then Wendy moved her hands over me and, without me telling her, began touching my hands, my shoulders, in the exact spots where my arthritis (or whatever) always begins to pain me when the cold times come. I could feel the energy in her hands and I continued to have visions of my power creatures, which for some strange reason are often insects. This time it was an Egyptian Scarab Beetle, and it began to pull the pain out of my hands and shoulders with its claws. Pulled the pain out in great chunks, it did. Today, several days later, that pain is still in abatement. It has not gone away, not completely, (not yet?), but it has submerged itself into a much lesser, much more comfortable level. It’s like still there underneath, but somehow “medicated” . . . I think Wendy’s powers (augmented by the group’s good healing drumming), are quite impressive . . . ”


Drummer and Writer, Freehold, New Jersey

“I was totally absorbed in the transposition of this event. A powerful experience that Wendy will gladly share with you!”


Computer Technician, Howell, New Jersey