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This episode of the Orca Media program, You and Your Health, was taped on May 10, 2017. Host Jackie Weyrauch interviewed Lucid Path Wellness client Irene Mays about her struggle with Lyme Disease and her powerful Energy Genesis experience.


You and Your Health | Orca Media

“I’ve thought about what I might say in a testimonial for months now, arriving, each month for my regular series of three treatments. It means so much to me that I drive 8 hours back to Vermont, each month, to do the EG.

Yet, words do not seem do entirely describe why I have made that commitment.  I don’t really understand how the EG works and the healing it provides, for me, seem out of the ordinary for a healing treatment.  The whole experience really seems to be a spiritual lesson in trust.

My muscles and nerves were injured three years ago and certain events in my life emotionally injured me as well.  I have worked hard for healing.

I can say, with absolute conviction and honesty, that the EG is essential to my current blossoming back into a full life.  It works.  I cherish the way it makes me feel.”

Maya | Maine

“In the first snowstorm of the season I fell and fractured my left arm at the radial head neck junction. Because it was at the elbow it was important to maintain flexibility and there would be no cast. However, I did have a series of exercises and I needed to be careful not to exert my arm too hard as I could damage it further. The time frame for healing was six weeks and three months until it would be back to normal functioning.

I do have arthritis and have been very successfully treated for my issues in the past with both heat and ultrasound. For me, sending the ultrasound waves to the painful issue and creating the effect of deep heat in my muscles and joints was soothing and took care of my pain. The Energy Genesis is not the same as ultrasound.  The EG concept of using specific light and sound frequencies to relax my body for healing appealed to me

I knew that I wanted the Energy Genesis to be a part of my treatment for my fractured arm.  I contacted Wendy and she explained that she can incorporate certain music programs into EG sessions to support the body’s healing needs. My program was designed to support bone healing.

I loved the EG.  It is round and very spacious inside.  I was able to stretch out and place my body in a comfortable position to receive the maximum vibrations, light and sound for healing. The session lasted for a blissful 45 minutes.  Afterward I did have increased flexibility in my arm. I was to drink a gallon of water a day for a couple of weeks following my session.  I noticed throughout my healing that each day I was gaining mobility with my arm movements.

After three weeks, I had a follow up x-ray and we could clearly see the new bone growth. The doctor said that I was healing ahead of schedule.  My arm was moving easily and the doctor said that she didn’t need to see me again.

At the same time that I broke my arm I also had a wisdom tooth removed.  The dentist warned me about being very careful when brushing in that part of my mouth so as not to have a dry socket. My visit to the EG occurred right after the tooth extraction.  My mouth healed quickly.

I believe that the EG accelerated the healing of both my arm and mouth. Wendy is professional and supportive.  She matches the capabilities of the EG to match the needs of her clients. Thanks to Wendy and the EG, I am ready for spring and all of its activities.”

Jan | Weybridge, Vermont

My experience in the Energy Genesis:

I decided to try the Energy Genesis for a number of different reasons, one of the most prominent issues being bilateral tingling in my arms and hands.  When I first entered the Energy Genesis vessel, I felt an almost instant feeling of absolute calm.  During the session I felt varying bodily sensations ranging from pressure and a feeling of body heaviness to almost weightlessness.  Halfway through the session my arms started to ache, at times a bit uncomfortably, but I breathed through the discomfort and the sensation passed.  Throughout the entire experience I felt a sense of calm unlike anything I had experienced before in my meditative practices.

After my first session, the bilateral arm tingling had lessened.  After sessions 2 and 3, my tingling was completely gone!  It has been over a month and the tingling is still gone!  I also have not had the need for chiropractic treatment, my neck and back ‘glide’ easier with less cracking and popping, everything feels better aligned.  I also feel more relaxed and feel like I have an easier time dealing with negative moods, feelings and situations.  People have even commented on how ‘zen’ I seem!”

Larae | Bethel, Vermont

“I feel like the Life Vessel helped me to reset my stress reaction which was very valuable to me, especially after the extremely challenging holiday season.  I am finding that my anxiety does not kick in as quickly as before, I am not consciously carrying the stress on my shoulders all day, and when a new snag comes up I feel better equipped to problem solve through it.  I don’t know for how long I will have this relief but any amount of respite is worth the experience of the Life Vessel.  It almost feels like my metabolism has reset to maintain 180 lbs instead of 190 lbs although I had been working on that before my experience, I do remembering visiting that while in the vessel.

I am interested in learning about the new system that you have ordered and will be installing although the Life Vessel is an experience I may like to repeat because of the benefit I believe I gained from some deep relaxation and respite from the world.”

CC | Northfield, Vermont

“Thank you for an experience that I will remember and look forward to repeating. Being in the vessel felt like getting away, a journey, that brought me deeper inside myself. The vibrations from the music, while lying on the soft mattress, made it feel as if I was lifting off, the feeling I get when I take off in an airplane…my favorite part of air travel. The light inside the vessel, to me, was like the sun, and the warm blanket made me feel cozy and protected. When I stepped out, it was as if I had traveled somewhere and returned, with that refreshing feeling one gets when they step off the plane and are home again.”

Julie Devlin Brochu |Craftsbury, Vermont

Laurie - ER cropped

Happy to be alive

“In August (2014), I was in an accident that left me with a head injury, whiplash, joint sprains, cuts, and pain from a blunt force trauma.  I followed doctor’s orders, but I was in so much pain and had such terrible headaches, I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time.  I had taken a few weeks off from work to try to rest and recover but I was exhausted and over time, I felt I was getting worse, not better.  I have a history of migraines, but these headaches were different. The headaches were constant, my vision was blurry, my eyes felt irritated and I felt nauseous with any movement.  It hurt to think.  I wasn’t able to read, watch television or look at a computer/phone screen without feeling sick.  I didn’t get any relief from medication or treatment that was prescribed.   My physical injuries were healing, but slowly.  I tried chiropractic and massage therapy and while it did help my neck and back pain, it did not have any impact on the headaches.  Prior to the accident, I had an active social life and was an avid horseback rider, but these activities stopped after the accident.

I had heard about the Life Vessel prior to my accident and after doing a little more research, I decided to try it.  Although I was skeptical, I was also optimistic that I would experience something that would help me.  After my first session, my headaches stopped, my vision was clear and it was easier to focus.  I completed a 4-session cycle and after following the protocol of plenty of rest, reducing stress, and drinking plenty of water, I am really amazed at how good I feel.  During my sessions, I could feel tension and pain being released from different parts of my body.  It’s been a month and here is a list of changes I have noticed:

  • The debilitating headaches and blurry vision are gone and my thinking is clearer.


    Back in the Saddle!

  • The pain in my neck, back, and knee is gone.
  • The swelling in my ankle is gone and it is healing.
  • I had a long-standing fungal infection under my toenails in one foot that is gone.
  • My sinuses opened and drained.  I am no longer taking sinus relief medicine.
  • I was able to increase my hours at work and am finally back to work full time.  I can read and work at the computer without getting nauseous.
  • I am able to recognize when I’m feeling tension/stress more quickly.  I’m more aware of my own responses or reactions to stress.
  • I am breathing more deeply and feeling more relaxed.
  • I drink one cup of coffee in the morning, but after the sessions, I became much more sensitive to the caffeine and have switched to decaf or half-caff.”
Laurie Brown | Barre, Vermont

“I have experienced multiple Life Vessel sessions and have felt short term and long term benefits every time.  The Life Vessel is a truly amazing experience.  What makes it even better is Wendy.  Because the benefits of the Life Vessel are complex, it has been so important and helpful to have had Wendy there to process the experience with.  She brings her wide and deep experience with healing to every post session check-in.  She helps me access healing for my whole self, not just symptoms.”

M.M. | Boston, Massachusetts

“Over the years, I have had increasing difficulties with joints, especially back, neck, shoulders, knees and wrists. I didn’t have ‘grand’ expectations with regard to the back, shoulders or neck due to the severity of the injuries and/or the medical reasoning for the issues, as well as the length of time that I had lived with them.   I did, however, have hopes that some improvement in all areas could be gained through the Life Vessel. To say the least, I am surprised at the differences felt after each session.

At the end of the first day, I felt a significant change in my back and my wife said ‘You look taller.’ With regard to the second day, I had gotten used to holding onto to something for support and to reduce the pain when kneeling or getting up from the floor.   After the end of this day, I was able to kneel and get up from the floor without any pain and without using support. In addition, the pain and difficulties in the wrists disappeared.   After the third day (fourth session), I no longer felt the grinding and difficulties when moving the shoulders; and the back and neck felt better.

It has been a couple of weeks since the treatment; and all of the improvements remain.   I certainly didn’t expect such results!! Thank you Wendy for facilitating a new-found freedom.”

Chris | Weybridge, Vermont

“I finished my second round [of Life Vessel sessions] this past week.  The first thing I noticed during the first round, was that my persistently runny nose stopped running!  My head felt congested, my throat and esophageal muscles seemed to worsen for a while.  Today I realized that my throat is well AND I have not had heartburn for 2 nights and days!  (This was more acute in the last year).  I also noticed sometime during this last round of sessions, that when I got out of the life vessel, I stood up and my brain and body were in total balance and centered!  I had energy, I felt HAPPY, light hearted, laughing, and sunny.  Tinnitus was better.  My skin and complexion are improved.  I feel more relaxed.  Entering into the Life Vessel program, my goal was to change my life patterns – to do MORE healing and creative work for myself, to rest more, and to NOT take on too many ‘shoulds.’  I am finding out how to enjoy being alive again.

I am not sure yet, if I can afford to do the third round, but I suspect I cannot afford to NOT do it.  When I think that I can continue to improve and stabilize my body/mind/spirit so I do NOT need to use all the other supports and allopathic treatments I have had to depend upon, it seems like an easy call.  The investment feels like a lot of money, but then I consider how many days and dollars I’ll spend on other things that have side effects that are not beneficial.   My diet has improved and cravings are reduced. I was able to participate in a normally stressful family event, and leave unscathed with siblings thanking me for my solid presence.  These are not quantifiable aspects of healing, but these are the qualitative aspects of being alive that caused me to consider using the Life Vessel.  For me, healing isn’t just happening in my body, but it happens to ALL of me, mind/body/spirit.

Thanks, Wendy, for making this bold move to bring the life vessel to VT!”

BTR | Barre, Vermont

“I originally sought out Life Vessel Technology because I was on the verge of navigating several huge transitions in my life. Both my personal and professional lives were in the beginning stages of upheaval, and I wanted to engage with a healing modality that would help reduce stress, offer a larger, more equanimous perspective, and help me keep body, mind and spirit in balance throughout.

I am a certified practitioner of several healing modalities, and have tried every form of healing therapy I could get my hands on over the years. I did this because of a yearning to heal, and a desire to maximize my potential as a human being. There were successes and missteps along the way, but I never quite felt like I was going as deep as I wanted to go.

What I have found in Life Vessel Technology is a modality that bypasses my own incomplete understanding of the root causes of imbalance, and calls upon the deepest, purest wisdom I possess- that which lies within my own body. I have found that even months after my sessions, the state of calm and relaxation I experience during them is sustained. At the same time, I am able to surrender to my emotions at a depth I have never before experienced, thanks to this baseline of equanimity.

I have felt more awakened on every level as my sessions have progressed, and challenged to make changes in my life that allow me to live from that awakened place. I’m so grateful to Wendy for offering this service to others, and look forward to watching the potential of this profound technology unfold!”

Julie A. | Montpelier, Vermont

“It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that my work in the Life Vessel brought a quantum leap in healing on a mind, body, spirit level.

Following my sessions I experienced a new way of inhabiting my physical body with more ease, confidence, and sovereignty. My blood and bone responded gratefully to what felt as though it were a long time coming.

My level of mental vigilance didn’t just dissipate it was wholly lifted away. A new lens developed — a greater sense of alignment and fluency in my daily life.

My wake and sleep cycles were restored to balance. That alone was worth taking the opportunity LV offers!”

Linda V. | Montpelier, Vermont

“My experience in the Life Vessel was a gift. I had no idea of what I was going to experience. I simply knew that I had to experience it. The Life Vessel brought me to a spiritual realm I’ve never been before. It gave me access to life beyond my realm.  My experience took me steps closer to who I really am.  It gave me a sense of peace and ease and wholeness that I’ve never experienced.  It brought me full circle with matters of my heart that were buried deep down in my soul. It gave me closure. It gave me closure with love.  My deepest sadness miraculously became my deepest sources of LOVE. My experience truly was that of love and light.  It truly was a gift. I feel so blessed for the experience!”

CA | Burlington, Vermont

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