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Wendy Halley

Wendy is a licensed mental health clinician, a veteran practitioner of the shamanic healing arts, host of the Lucid Cafe podcast, and the author of several books. Her unique approach merges ancient and contemporary traditions and is grounded in the idea that we are our own best healers.

Wendy incorporates over twenty years of clinical counseling experience, as well as a holistic perspective informed by the rigorous discipline of her shamanic training, into her work at Lucid Path. Motivated by both personal and professional experiences of the Energy Genesis’ healing capability, Wendy is excited to share this ground breaking technology with others.


Radical Wellness

After experiencing the profound effects of the Life Vessel in the fall of 2013, Wendy Halley felt obligated to find a way to bring this healing technology to Vermont. She opened Lucid Path Wellness featuring the Life Vessel in October 2014 .

Exactly two years later Wendy upgraded to the Energy Genesis, the powerful next generation of Life Vessel technology from inventor Barry McNew. Lucid Path Wellness is currently the only Energy Genesis center in the Northeast.

Wendy felt that expanding her existing shamanic healing practice, Lucid Path Healing Arts LLC, to include Energy Genesis technology would provide comprehensive complementary healing services. Where the EG helps bring the energetic distortions of trauma that we carry in our bodies back into harmony, shamanic healing helps reconnect us to the personal power lost as a result of this trauma. Another way to look at it is the Energy Genesis is a form of energy or vibrational medicine while shamanic healing operates at the level of consciousness.