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Energy Medicine


Energy Genesis

Healing with Light & Sound

The Energy Genesis™ or EG™ is a safe, non-invasive healing chamber that uses a specific and pleasant combination of light and sound frequencies to create a resonance within its 360-degree interior. Within minutes your body eases into a deep state of rest and begins to gently heal and detoxify.

Your Body Knows What To Do

Clients using the EG report a spectrum of benefits, from improvement in symptoms related to toxin exposure, injuries, chronic illness and emotional trauma to a higher quality of life overall.

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Experience the Energy Genesis

The recommended protocol for receiving the most benefit from the Energy Genesis is a set of three sessions in three consecutive days.

Single sessions are also available.

The length of each session is approximately 1.5 hours: (Includes a Pre- and post-EG consult + 45 minutes in the EG)


The large circular interior of the EG is able to accommodate two clients, when appropriate (this is based on a new protocol for families and couples).


Give the Gift of Relaxation and healing

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