What is the Energy Genesis?

The Energy Genesis or EG is a patented device that uses frequency, vibration, sound and light to create a natural state of relaxation and balance. The EG was created by inventor Barry McNew in 2014 after piloting over a decade of successful work and research on his 1998 invention, the Life Vessel. Elegant in its simplicity, all you do is recline comfortably in the resonant chamber and allow your body’s energies to interact with the frequencies introduced by the EG.

How does it work?

The Energy Genesis is one of many new forms of energy medicine. Research has demonstrated that time spent in the EG balances the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) for effective stress reduction, pain management and detoxification on all levels. When the ANS is balanced, all of the systems in the body are affected in a positive way. Thus the body can heal itself from the fundamental causes of many diseases such as stress, inflammation, environmental pollutants, and unresolved emotional pain.

How many sessions should I do?

The optimal number of sessions varies from individual to individual. During your first visit we’ll assess your needs and wellness goals during an intake conversation. Together we’ll design a protocol specifically for you. The recommended protocol consists of a set of three sessions in three consecutive days.

Most people derive most benefit from 3 consecutive sets of three sessions with each set scheduled at least 21-28 days apart.

After completing 3 sets of sessions and/or reaching your wellness goal, we offer monthly maintenance sessions to address any new toxins or trauma the body is subsequently exposed to (i.e., environmental toxins, emotional stress, physical injuries, etc.). For this  purpose, we offer a discounted annual maintenance membership.

what If I’m Claustrophobic?

This is the most common question we get! If you’re claustrophobic we can leave one of the Energy Genesis doors open during your session.

Solo Sessions (One person)

  • Single Session: $95 (Special Introductory Price: $80)

  • Three Session Series: $285

Joint Sessions (Couples and Family Members)

  • Single Session: $130 (Special Introductory Price: $100)

  • Three Session Series: $390

“Blissed Out” Monthly Maintenance Membership

  • $80/month

How much will it cost?

Are EG sessions covered by insurance?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept insurance or Medicare, but many people use their HSA or Flex accounts to cover the cost of their sessions.

Blue Extras Wellness Program BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont members receive a $20 discount for EG sessions ($75/session). The discount can be applied to the first 6 sessions and cannot be combined with other discounts/specials.

Who benefits from the Energy Genesis?

To quote the EG inventor, Barry McNew, “The body does not know disease by name.” Our bodies recognize symptoms of imbalance and continually strive for a state of homeostasis and wellness. The EG relaxes the body, which allows the Autonomic Nervous System to come into equilibrium. A balanced ANS is critical to wellness, an effective immune system and the ability to be calm and intentionally present. Thus everyone can benefit from the Energy Genesis, from infants to seniors at all levels of wellness.

What are my responsibilities when engaging in Energy Genesis therapy?

We ask you to take responsibility for all aspects of your well being; to honestly evaluate your life and invite the possibility of change. To gain the most value your set of EG sessions we suggest that you:

  • Rest frequently

  • Be gentle with yourself and others

  • Drink lots of water

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Limit yourself to mild exercise

  • Eat well, making sure you get enough protein

  • To take advantage of your body’s healing capacity, please avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol during the days of your sessions

  • If you’re doing a 3-session EG series, it’s advisable to reschedule chiropractic appointments and other forms of energy work (cranial sacral, homeopathy, massage, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc.) during the days of your sessions and for 14 days after your sessions

What is your cancellation policy?

For clients cancelling an Energy Genesis series (3 sessions in 3 consecutive days) we request at least 72 hour notice. There is a $100 cancellation fee assessed if the sessions are cancelled within 72 hours of your first scheduled session.