Shamanism 101: The Magical Path (Class 1 of 6)
6:00 PM18:00

Shamanism 101: The Magical Path (Class 1 of 6)

Class #1: MIDDLE WORLD: Find Your Home in the Dreamtime

In this 6-month experiential workshop series, you'll learn the simple and engaging way sound can help you steer your focus inward in order to consciously dream like a shaman.

Each 2-hour class will be offered the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in May and finishing in October. The Fee for each class is $35.

To register for this class, please visit the IDEAS Cognitive Studios online class schedule or call (802)496-5514.

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Open House + Tea Tasting
5:00 PM17:00

Open House + Tea Tasting

There’s a lot happening in downtown Montpelier on June 6th including the first ever ArtsFest. While strolling downtown, be sure to stop in at Lucid Path Wellness and:

  • End your day with a taste of delicious relaxation during a sample Energy Genesis light and sound healing session

  • Meet veteran herbalist Heidi Schmidt-Laliberte of Vineyard Sound Herbs Tiny Tea House and try some of her wonderful healing teas

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