I am thankful that Wendy has chosen this path.

“I contacted Wendy many years ago after reading an article in a local paper about how she came to Shamanism. Wendy seemed like someone that was authentically herself. My impression was and still is bang on. I have had several healing sessions, a soul retrieval, taken most of Wendy’s Shamanic workshops and the Foundations of Shamanism training.

Ms. Halley works with Lightning medicine it is truly enlightening and powerfully healing stuff. Wendy and her Guides help clear that which is not serving an individual’s highest good. Wendy and her helpers guide the parts of self in returning to the one that seeks healing, the rest is up to us to honor.

Wendy has been there for me and my family in very trying times. Recently, I lost my husband to a tragic death. Wendy was there for his soul and my spirit. Wendy’s work on behalf of all my family has helped bring clarity and peace to a complicated situation.

I have met many that call themselves Shaman but few that don’t (Wendy doesn’t.) Wendy in my opinion is not only on the path she’s there  with the lights on, a tiny glass of special water assisting others to find their ways to self. I am thankful that Wendy has chosen this path.” 


Massage Therapist, Shelburne, Vermont

Twylla Lannes