Today, several days later, that pain is still in abatement.

In response to a healing Wendy performed during a Monmouth County New Jersey Drumming Circle:

“Wendy, . . . again did a healing ceremony and this time I was the one blessed to receive it. It was quite an experience. As I lay back on the floor the group’s drumming suddenly began and I could feel the marvelous vibrations and that rich full sound come rising up thru the floor and pull me right down into the earth . . . . I could actually feel myself sinking down, down into the earth as if into an open shallow grave, but it was not at all frightening in the least . . . Actually very soothing, and I could hear my own drum, being played by D., singing to me. (It does that often. It sounds like beautiful humming or chanting coming from the next room . . . ) As Wendy began shaking her rattles over me, I began to have visions of some of my power creatures and helpers. Then Wendy moved her hands over me and, without me telling her, began touching my hands, my shoulders, in the exact spots where my arthritis (or whatever) always begins to pain me when the cold times come. I could feel the energy in her hands and I continued to have visions of my power creatures, which for some strange reason are often insects. This time it was an Egyptian Scarab Beetle, and it began to pull the pain out of my hands and shoulders with its claws. Pulled the pain out in great chunks, it did. Today, several days later, that pain is still in abatement. It has not gone away, not completely, (not yet?), but it has submerged itself into a much lesser, much more comfortable level. It’s like still there underneath, but somehow “medicated” . . . I think Wendy’s powers (augmented by the group’s good healing drumming), are quite impressive . . . ”


Drummer and Writer, Freehold, New Jersey

Twylla Lannes