Wendy you provide the perfect balance of humanness and spirit!

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Wendy Halley for the experience I had at this Springs Bear and wolf Medicine workshops!   The workshops book ended a very stressful time in my life so it seemed like a perfect idea to attend both (The two for deal was great too!).

I have always been a very spiritual person, but not the hokey goody two shoes pious spiritual. If that makes sense.  So as you can imagine my Catholic upbringings did not exactly fit my sense of spirit!  Love my upbringing and am so grateful that spirituality was a central part of my world. I have been wandering for some time seeking a “right fit.” I have read and chanted. Practiced-yoga and meditated. When I attended your Chaos discussion in May of 2011 I was introduced to shamanic journeying in a way I had never been before. This introduction came shortly after completing several books on lucid dreaming. Low and behold the universe strikes again in preparing me for what is to come.

Wendy you provide the perfect balance of humanness and spirit ! Your sense of humor and rogue intellectualism is refreshing! I left Bear medicine workshop feeling refreshed and relaxed. When I attended wolf medicine I found a validation and healing that is difficult to describe but suffice it to say felt like I was ‘home’!

Wendy thank you for your gift of spirit and sharing yourself with us!  You are too modest  to boast but you are an intuitive healer and  conduit of spirit.

I look forward to continued learning and spiritual growth.   Thank you”


Albany, New York

Twylla Lannes