Slaying the Mouse

Slaying the Mouse


When 19-year-old Jason mysteriously slips into a deep coma, family members and doctors are baffled. Seeking answers, the family contacts author and shamanic healer Wendy Halley. Using the ancient practice of Shamanic Trance, Wendy begins a 9-month odyssey into the ‘dreamtime’ world, where she and Jason will connect in a healing journey that transcends geography, distance, and the conscious world.

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“…Slaying the Mouse reads like a fast-paced novel, alternately comic and moving and fantastic, that reminds us that the mind is never confined to the body (except by our illusions) and that in dreaming, we can visit other people and help them to heal.”

Robert Moss Author, Conscious Dreaming and Dreamways of the Iroquois

“Slaying the Mouse: A true story of healing in the spiritual realms is a fascinating story of Wendy Halley’s 9-month shamanic relationship with a young man in a coma. This account of healing in the spiritual realm provides food for thought about our relationships with this dimension and will stimulate important discussion for patients and practitioners alike.”

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. Author, Coyote Medicine