Shamanism is an ancient practice used for healing and divination.


Shamanism is a dynamic and engaging form of meditation, also known as 'conscious dreaming,' practiced by indigenous peoples around the world for tens of thousands of years. A shamanic practitioner intentionally alters her consciousness in order to access and interact with the symbolic realm of non-ordinary reality, also known as the Dreamtime, for the purpose of healing and gaining insight.

Accessing the Dreamtime is akin to accessing the mysterious and vast world of consciousness. 


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing offers an effective way to understand and change the story of your symptoms since shamanic technique bypasses your conscious mind – the part of you that wants to understand – and gives the practitioner direct access to your unconscious mind, where unhealthy emotional and psychological patterns and wounds reside.

From the shamanic perspective, illness is the result of disharmony, fear and soul loss. Once in this territory we can begin the process of re-writing self-defeating patterns in order to make room for a new and healthy narrative to emerge from the landscape of your essence – one that allows your truth to shine through.

The goal of shamanic healing is to reconnect you with your personal power and to give you tools to more effectively navigate life’s challenges. To do this, the shamanic practitioner uses the following healing techniques:

Extraction The removal of the seed of self-defeating, negative belief systems and/or emotional traumas.

Soul Retrieval  A highly specialized form of healing where the shaman journeys to the spirit world to find and recover soul parts lost as a result of trauma. The fragmented parts are then reunited with your core self making you whole again

Power Augmentation Boosts your personal power by connecting you with your own personal animal and plant helping spirits.


Big Healing

If you would like to explore a more comprehensive healing approach, introductory packages are available that combine shamanic healing, Energy Genesis sessions, and coaching or counseling support.


Shamanic Coaching: Get Unstuck

Wendy’s unconventional, engaging approach to coaching blends contemporary and ancient perspectives to give you the tools you need to gain clarity and a sense of freedom from inner turmoil.

A creative alternative to traditional talk therapy for addressing:

  • Relationship struggles

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Feelings of powerlessness

  • Unhealthy patterns

Wendy’s coaching sessions fuse concepts and techniques from psychology, shamanism, and indigenous Hawaiian philosophy and are informed by her extensive experience as a shamanic practitioner/teacher and counselor specializing in brief, solution-focused therapy and workplace issues.


Shamanic Coaching in the workplace

Facilitation Services: Discussions, Retreats and Meetings

Wellness Workshops:

From Chaos to Calm

A thought-provoking workshop inviting participants to examine their relationship with stress and control. 

Drumming Your Heartsong

A powerful team building workshop using the most ancient form of communication . . . drumming.

Daydreaming with Intention

This workshop sends participants on an insightful journey of self-discovery using shamanic journeying


Clearing Ceremonies

When you walk into a space it has certain feel to it – the feel may be light and inviting or heavy and oppressive. Humans seem to have a way of leaving patterns on the fabric of a location. Incidents of trauma, sickness, or emotional instability, for example, can impact the spirit of your home, business, or land, regardless of when it happened.

 Wendy uses shamanic clearing and blessing rituals to:

  • Clear negative, stagnant energy

  • Invite prosperity and success

  • Create a space that’s grounded and feels welcoming

  • Connect with the guardian spirits of the region

Contact Wendy directly to book Clearing Ceremonies.