Wendy's Life Vessel Experience

I learned about the Life Vessel in September 2013 while watching an interview with its inventor, Barry McNew. My initial reaction as I watched Barry talk about the technology was strangely strong – so strong that I felt compelled to fly out to Colorado to try it. I’ve only had this kind of reaction a few times in my life and I’ve learned to pay attention to it. I’m glad I did.

Within forty-eight hours of watching the interview I contacted the Life Vessel center outside of Denver, scheduled my four sessions, and bought airline tickets. My eagerness to experience this technology was not only driven by my wish to investigate the possibility of bringing the device to Vermont, but was also fueled by my personal desire for better health. I was three years into a long term nutritionally-based detox protocol that was prompted by the discovery that my severe year-round allergies and sinus issues were the result of copper toxicity, which resulted in adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance and a sluggish metabolism. It was clear that my immune system was challenged as evidenced by life-long swelling and chronic infection in my tonsils. While the nutritional detox resulted in some health improvements, I was still experiencing windows of poor health.

The experience of being in the vessel was unlike any I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried quite a few energy medicine modalities. The state of relaxation my body reached was profound, marked by delicious moments where my mind and body were completely free from tension.  I remember laughing to myself while in the vessel thinking, “The last time I’ve been this relaxed was probably in the womb!” I also experienced windows of time where my consciousness was greatly altered, much more altered than I’ve accomplished in my shamanic healing practice. While in a deep altered state, my mind’s eye was treated to visions of Middle Earth-like landscapes, which were accompanied by insights about the human race’s relationship with stress.

After my first session, the Life Vessel technician told me that the room smelled of metal. She said that Life Vessel sessions rapidly detox the body and can result in the body off-gassing toxins.

During my second session I experienced a severe tickle in my right tonsil, which is akin to an asthma attack that typically leads to the need to drink a lot of water to calm the coughing and regulate my breathing. I panicked at first, but then realized that maybe the tickle was part of the experience and I mustered through the coughing spasms without water. When the tickle subsided my throat temporarily filled with a thick, foul tasting fluid. After that, my left tonsil started to tickle. When I checked my tonsils several days later, I was shocked to realize that all the swelling was gone. To see my tonsils look normal was strange given that they’ve been the size of cherries for over forty years.

Additional results from my first series of Life Vessel sessions include:

  • significant reduction in histamine attacks (from 3 to 4 per week to 3 to 4 per month)

  • greatly improved range of motion in my neck

  • significant reduction in neck pain (I sustained several whiplash injuries over the years)

  • deeper sleep

  • consistent improvement in energy level

  • Elimination of sinus infection

The other surprise was when my chiropractor, who knows my body really well, told me she was amazed and “kind of shocked” at the dramatic difference she felt in my body after my sessions.

My direct experience of the Life Vessel and now the Energy Genesis gives me a high degree of confidence that it does exactly what inventor Barry McNew intended:  The EG creates an environment for the body to rapidly heal itself. This therapy is an affordable, effective, non-invasive solution to the pervasive problems of stress we all encounter as members of modern society. Having now tried it, I’m more excited than ever to share this new innovation with you.

Twylla Lannes